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Coyotes are fierce predators.

Larry’s Outdoor Notebook -

A coyote recently attacked and injured a toddler and a 2-year-old in Massachusetts, a warning for people who live in heavily coyote-populated areas such as Middle Tennessee.

According to Field & Stream magazine, wildlife officials believe the two separate attacks were by the same coyote. In both cases, neighbors heard the youngsters’ screams and came to their rescue. The coyote attempted to drag off one of the children. Their injuries were not life-threatening.

Watertown’s Marc Larese, who conducts an annual predator-control hunt in Wilson and surrounding counties, says coyotes are non-selective predators that will seize whatever prey is available. That includes pets, livestock and occasional attacks on humans, although the latter are rare.

Due to the large numbers of coyotes, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency cannot respond to calls about sightings in residential areas. If a coyote acts threatening, the Agency advises contacting local animal-control or law-enforcement officials.

Breast cancer funds: The TWRA is selling pink patches and hats as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The proceeds go to “Casting for Recovery”, an organization that arranges fly fishing trips for women affected by breast cancer.

Items can be purchased at

Parks volunteers service: Throughout the month of October Tennessee’s state parks will host volunteer cleanup events in support of First Lady Maria Lee’s “Tennessee Serves” challenge to inspire volunteerism.

Detailed information about how to volunteer is available on the Tennessee State Parks Volunteers website or by contacting a specific park vis its website.

Dove fields sought: The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is seeking fields to lease for public dove hunting.

The Agency will pay $75 per acre and more, depending on what is planted in the field.

For information call (615) 781-6622.

Contact information: Email area outdoors news and photos to Please include a contact number.

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