Kinzer Pharmacy

If there wasn’t enough buzz in Mount Pleasant for the historic Hamilton Building to be renovated, the grand opening of Kinzer Pharmacy, Kinzer Firearms and the Pills and Pistol Deli certainly raised the volume.

Then again, it’s hard not to take note with a restaurant named ‘Pills and Pistols.’ How did owner Mike Kinzer come up with such an idea to combine his pharmacy business with a gun store and sandwich shop?

“ The easiest way I can explain it is to say I’m in the killing business,” he said. “I can kill bugs and bad colds, I can kill varmits and I can kill hunger.”

Kinzer said he hopes his place is somewhere locals can enjoy one another’s company, and when they leave – feel like they’re part of the family.

“If you leave our business and you don’t feel like a member of the family, I haven’t done my job,” he said. “That’s what we practice every day.”

To do that, Kinzer employs a team of knowledgeable and hard-working Maury Countians, while also attempting to bring a sense of nostalgia into his building.

“This is a place to have fun. We’ve been going 150 miles an hour in one direction, but we want this place to be somewhere you come in with Gunsmoke playing on the TV, sit down and tell some huntin’ lies and enjoy some nanner pudding,” he said.

Located at 121 S. Main Street in the historic district, Mike Kinzer saw the potential for his business to make a statement with a renovation. City Manager Kate Collier noted the transformation, but also mentioned the six apartments above the businesses have also been renovated.

“I wish we had some before and after pictures of what this building looked like and what it looks like now. The transformation is awesome, and the apartments upstairs are absolutely beautiful,” she said.

The building once served as a skating rink, Kinzer said, and he added that one of his employees was actually married inside the building by Judge Hamilton. Renovations took about 10 months to get to this point, and Kinzer said his wife, Kim, was a hero of his for putting up with him through it.

“It’s stressful enough when you open one business, but when you open three the stress can get hairy at home,” he said

Opening in February 2019, Kinzer Pharmacy has endured the COVID-19 pandemic and without the community of Mount Pleasant, Kinzer said he wouldn’t be open today.

“I’m supposed to be a statistic because COVID hit one year after we opened, but the good Lord saw us through it; blessed us, and look where we are now,” he said.

Chris Yow has served as the managing editor for the Trussville (Ala.) Tribune and, most recently, the Spring Hill Advertiser News. He has worked as a sports editor and has covered high school sports in different capacities for 18 years.

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